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shiny aluminum ceramic

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  • shiny aluminum ceramic

    i was reading some issues with shiny silver, anyone have feedback on shiny aluminum ceramic, looking for the brightest finish without having to polish when done.

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    The only shiny ceramic I'm aware of does need to be polished. You just about need a vibratory polisher to do it. I've sprayed the Mag Silver, and it has a matte finish.


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      I use the Shiny Aluminum Ceramic all the time. I don't polish ceramic, I don't polish anything for people, most are too cheap to pay what it's worth. The Shiny Aluminum is just fine. It's not the "Chrome" ceramic. But it's good to a higher temp and I've never gotten any parts back.


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        Good Morning Fellas,
        I just want to remind ya'll that if you have questions on how to use the Ceramic product we sell, and I might add our customers are very happy with all of them, please refer to the web site for the directions on how use them. Thanks for using our Ceramics and have a great Spring!!
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