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  • Billy Jean in Steel

    OK guys 'n gals...this is going to get a clear and then its done. The tape line didn't come out quite as pretty as I wanted it to and I got a bit to thick on the lava and got some orange peeling, I think I let it go to long before I pulled it out to pull the tape. Colors are safety yellow and black lava for the back, dormant electric blue sparkle and bumper black for the frame and wire. I think I am just going to do a clear over it, but have been thinking of doing the silver explosion on the wire and frame just to highlight it a bit.

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    Re: Billy Jean in Steel

    damn people...48 views and not a single comment...don't be scared I know it's weird

    heck at a minimum someone should give me a hard time for the OP in the black lava where I went to heavy...


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      Re: Billy Jean in Steel

      I didn't see any orange peel. I like the silver explosion idea, then clear over the whole thing. Should look great.

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        Re: Billy Jean in Steel

        Well I either came up with a really killer finish for the back...or I totally screwed it up. I went with the super high gloss clear and the wire part came out awesome. The dormant blue just lit up when the clear flowed out, but the safety yellow on the back turned orange. And an ugly streaky orange at that. I pulled it out of the oven a few minutes after flow out to see what the heck was going on, and ended up shooting a super light coat of clear over the top (someone was talking in a thread somewhere how this could make it wrinkle) which ended up giving it a really wild texture. I showed it to a couple of friends tonight and they freaked out over it...but I don't know if I like the back like that. I think I may do another panel for the back.


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          Re: Billy Jean in Steel

          Looks good like that,the texture gives it some dimmension,looks great.