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  • some things I have done

    Well, I am no professional, but here are some of the things I have powder coated. I am using a craftsman hobby gun, and a small "kitchen" oven. I only really do stuff for my own home and car. Anyways, I have gotten a lot of useful tips and info from this site so I figured it was time I shared some of my work.

    hunter green metallic/ ultimate chrome (clear over all)

    gunmetal gray/ hunter green metallic (clear over all)

    I have also done a few other things like brackets and such, but don't currently have any pics of those. the first intake is now on the car, and I have since removed the second. here is the car all my powdercoating is for.

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    Re: some things I have done

    Nice Work...does that color sparkle in the sunlight?


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      Re: some things I have done

      yeah, in the direct sunlight you can see the metallic in it, but it doesn't see much sunlight under the hood. I am almost out of my dark green metallic, and went to go order some more, but it looks like the discontinued it. sucks because it matches the color or my car perfectly!


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        Re: some things I have done

        Nice job.

        I carry a gun because I'm too young to die, and too old to take an ass-whoopin'!


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          Re: some things I have done

          Looks like you are off to a nice start powdercoating. Nice looking ride, I've always really liked that color green. Here is a pic of my mustang.


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            Re: some things I have done

            nice work