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  • More parts...

    Mirror Black....

    Mirror Red..

    Silver Vein/Mirror red letters & Clear on VC's.. Silver vein/Clear Sanded Raised letters on Intake..

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    Re: More parts...

    I agree. Very nice. I also posted the same question on the other forum.

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      Re: More parts...

      Originally posted by Harleydad
      Nice job, I really like vc's. Are the letters, logo's and stuff recessed? What was your process for the recessed letters (the thread on EW forum)? The reason I ask is I've sprayed Silver Vein over RAL 3001 (testing) and the red would bleed thru even if I overcured it.

      What i did was after Blasting it I Spray the Red Lettering First , then full bake.. Then Sprayed Silver Vein and then Hang VC upside down and take a small paint brush and went over the letters to remove the silver Vein from lettering.. Then of course full bake then Clear , a little time Consuming and kinda of a pain but it was for My buddies Mustang Race/Show car..

      Yes i also did the Carb hat & blower Housing..

      Here's the Almost completed Engine Pic.. still have to do the Intake Tubing..
      BTW motor is a 427-ci SBF with F2 Procharger.. On the Engine Dyno It Made 1100-HP on Pump


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        Re: More parts...

        Looks great HP.....must be a thing lately, those ford big block parts I did in Black Jack awhile back went on this (he was picked for doing the E85 shootout in St louis)


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          Re: More parts...

          That color looks so good on those parts!