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  • VC price check

    Been seeing a lot of nice work on valve covers lately, and was wondering what most of you are charging. I have a customed that has a Honda DOHC cover that was asking for a price.

    How much for a single coat (wrinkle) with blasting and bright-finish (remove coating) on the lettering?

    Do they always need outgassing? Are most of you using precut circles on the bolt mount areas, and do you remove them just after flowout or after full cure?

    How much more for 2-stage - 50%?


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    Re: VC price check

    I usually get ~60 bucks for one solid color valve covers. If it requires more than one coat then I just bite the bullet and shoot another coat, I don't pass this to the customer.

    Polishing the letters is something that took me close to 1 hour on the first valve cover, now I have it down to about 10 minutes... so I usually don't charge more than 20 bucks.

    I always off-gass them. Most valve covers have a pretty rough cast and throwing them in the oven for 1 hour at 450 degrees can't do anything but help as far as I know.

    I also do a bit more work in addition to the sand blasting, something most won't do. I take a DA sander to the entire thing after degrease but before blasting and smooth out all the sharp edges or casting imperfections. This not only makes the valve cover look better, but it makes my job easier when it comes to getting the powder smooth around those areas.

    I usually get at least 60 bucks and as much as 120 for 2 colors. Hope that helps.


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      Re: VC price check

      I also start at $60 for a single color. If they just want the lettering sanded and not cleared, I don't charge extra because it only takes a few minutes to do. Different colored lettering is another $20 for the time it takes, second coat whether basecoat/topcoat, whether its clear or whatever is 50% more. So on a $60 cover, 2 coats would be $90. If they want a third coat for whatever reason, another 50% of the base price per additional coat, so 3 coats would be $120.

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        Re: VC price check

        Thanks for the replies.