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Best powder type to coat a turbo compressor housing

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  • Best powder type to coat a turbo compressor housing

    What powder type will hold up best on a turbocharger compressor housing.

    Will be a dark red color?


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    Seems like I'm a little late on this but i will answer anyway. Powder coat wasn't necessarily meant to go on high temp partslike turbos headers etc.
    There are high temp powders out there that will handle 1000 PEAK temp. However the color you want is an issue because the high heat can and will (eventually) kill the red pigment causing it to fade much faster then normal.
    I would recommend a ceramic coating like one from techline coating or cerakote also has high temp ceramics. Both are very good quality and spray like liquid paint only they don't run as easy.
    The color may still be an issue but i think there is a red ceramic out there. Hope this helps.