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Liquid To Powder- Examples and Troubleshooting

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  • Liquid To Powder- Examples and Troubleshooting

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Yes it is finally here. This is the New Wave in our powder coating art and we are proud to announce this new Title Point in our Forum. Drop in an add anything you have about Liquid To Powder ~ Pictures ~ Stories ~ Applications ~ Tragedies ~ Successes ~ Anything you have that you would let your kids see and read.

    I added some Pictures of the cool stuff Paul has been putting out lately. This is great stuff!
    If you already have an Air Brush system set up in your shop for custom jobs then your all set.
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    Hey Lenny,

    Here are a few pix of an xs650 front wheel that we did with liquid to powder using an air brush and Mirror Red. Worked well. Haven't had a chance to try any "art" yet.




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      Art is subjective word. You successfully applied a two tone look to a piece of metal with an air brush. How is that not art?


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        ​Here are a couple more Lids I found that Paul did... Luke! Breath, Breath, I am your Spectra-father! Breath, Breath, lol.
        ow I'm going for more Coffee, lol.
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          Liquid To Powder on a Cotton Tee Shirt

          Hey Gang,
          Check this out! We just powder coated a 100% Cotton Tee Shirt I had laying around. I asked Paul try some of our Liquid To Powder on the Cotton and it worked!

          Dry and Clean Cotton
          has a Flash Point of 410 F/ 210 C and Oily cotton like shop rags Will Flash at 248 F/ 120 C.

          The shop smelled like a Dry Cleaners back room, lol.

          Tip: The Cotton will come up to curing Temp. as fast as the oven does so stay on top of it. The shirt browned some at 400 F so Next time we try we will backing the Temp. down to 380 F and add a few minutes to the clock to see how that comes out. If you try this in your shop be extremely careful! Don't leave this unattended in your oven.
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            SpectraCoatTM Liquid 2 Powder Introduction and Instruction Sheet:

            Good Morning Gang,
            I thought I would put some hearts to rest by explaining how easy this stuff is to use.

            Watch This Video For another example.


            SpectraCoatTM Liquid 2 Powder Introduction and Instruction Sheet:

            This new product allows you to powder coat nontraditional substrates such as wood, plastic, ceramics, foam, etc. Namely any sub straight that can take the heat needed to cure powder.

            By using this product, you can easily apply graphics and other custom designs or artwork via powder coat in a precise and detailed manner. This product offers ultimate and unlimited versatility for powder coating.

            The powder solution can be sprayed on with an airbrush, HVLP gun, or brushed on like a regular liquid paint. Then you cure it like traditional powder leaving a very durable finish.

            • Initial prep is simple, equipment needed to apply is minimal, and an airbrush works just fine. If you are using an HVLP gun, the nozzle (tip) must be 2.4 mm or higher. If your Air Brush set came with a Small, Medium, and Large tips then use the Large tip.

            • Mix any color or texture type of powder with the Liquid 2 Powder solution by weight 50/50 (Example: if you have 1/2 lb of powder, you must mix it with a 1/2 lb of liquid). Use less to get started. Use a blender on low for at least two minutes. No clumps.

            • You want the solution to be thick enough to flow out smooth. However, if the solution is too thick or does not spray well then add small amounts of distilled water to thin your powder/liquid solution.

            • You must let the paint fully air dry before curing or it will out gas. Once the coating is fully air dried, follow the recommended cure schedule for the powder coat base. Cure temperatures will range from 300 F to 450 F depending on the particular powder used.

            • Side note for out gassing. If you put the freshly coated part in a cold oven you can start up the oven and rising heat will evaporate the water solution out of the powder. This reduces out gassing to nearly none at all.

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              More Cool Liquid 2 Powder fro Paul

              Hey Gang,
              I just snagged these four pieces out of the class room. Amazing!
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                Hey Gang,
                Here's another cool part from our Instructor Paul and the class!
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                  Can you use dormants with the liquid to powder? How would that work?


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                    Yes you can use the Dormants with the liquid to powder. Remember when your thinking out your painting process the Dormants need to be top coated for them to Pop.


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                      Hello, do you know if Liquid to Powder can be shipped to Canada?


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                        Yes you can have that shipped to Canada. Just contact the sales staff at 615-776-7600 and they will help you with the purchase and shipping.


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                          Thanks Lenny.
                          Another question: Can this be used on translucent colours, like Black Chrome II or candies?
                          I'm hoping this might solve my issue with those Suzuki m109 rims I PM'd you about earlier......


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                            Good Morning Mick,
                            Yes you can use Liquid to Powder with those powders. Practice on something besides the customers part.


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                              Anyone shooting this with a 2.0 tip gun?