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Adding gas to a oven

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  • Adding gas to a oven

    I've been looking around for a way to add gas to my big oven. I saw somewhere where people were using those propane tube heaters as a way to heat the oven. I was wondering if you could use something like this.

    I know you would have to modify it some but it would be less noise and it would do away with the big azzed vent pipe you have to use with the tube heater. I was thinking about enclosing three sides and making a heat exchanger box around it with a small fan to move the heat into the oven. The unit would sit on the outside of the oven, be insulated and piped into the oven with 6" flu pipe. It would still need to vent but it seems to me that the normal venting through the door would be enough to do the job. The back of the unit where the gas burner goes into the heater would be left open so that you could see the flame and to provide air to keep the flame going.

    Anybody see this as a viable option? The heater is rated at 200,000BTU.

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    Hello! If the oven is already gas, it needs to be vented outside, but definitely can be done. If it's an electric and you're wanting to change to a gas, we don't recommend this only because you risk sparks, making it a fire hazard. Make sure if it's currently electric, everything is disconnected.


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      I know people have been doing this for ages. Maybe not with this type of heater but they have been using tube heaters. Talking about sparks and fire!!!!! LOL A tube heater with the end of the tube shooting right into an opening in the side of the oven seems a little risky but I know it's being done. That don't mean it's safe it just means that someone has found a way to heat up his oven faster than it was being done before.

      I was just wondering about this heater because I already have it and not using it for anything else.


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        If you are going to do it go ahead and buy a Gas Conversion Burner Google it IMHO this is the best and SAFEST way to go
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