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  • First time Powder Coater

    I powder coated a piece of 2" x 4" 16 gauge metal last month in a TechShop class and had a blast doing it. I now have the bug and want to do more. Only issue TechShop is no more so I am building my own powder coating oven / spray booth. I don't want to toss a bunch of money at this as I have only done it once and may decide it is just not for me.

    So far I have purchased an electrical kitchen oven, a bunch of metal file cabinets, a box fan, and a powder coating system from Harbor Frieght. I think I only need a source of air, regulator and filters for that air.

    I also purchased the 4 basic colors Red, Black, White and Yellow from Harbor Frieght.

    Here are a few pictures of what I worked on over the weekend.

    Just looking for some noob advice if anyone had this system what might you modify or improve on first?
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    The Harbor Freight powder is okay for use on anything that is inside and not exposed to UV rays. It will start to dull in a short time. It is an epoxy powder and not for outside use. You want to use other powders like the ones this site has or other sites that sell powders. Have fun coating I guess.


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      Thanks really just wanted to give powder coating a try before I bought a bunch of powders. results so for have been good. I will have to look into purchasing some additional powders on line now that I am getting the hang of it.