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    Powder Coating Application: Overcoming The Faraday Cage Effect

    The "Faraday cage effect" occurs when the inner recesses and corners of a charged substrate do not have a charge, and the charged powder particles create resistance, making it difficult to coat these areas. There are ways to overcome the Faraday cage effect and better coat inner corners and odd part geometries.

    Overcoming the obstacles of the electrostatic process:

    Blast powder into recesses
    Increase the powder flow rate
    Maximize the gun to part distance
    Use slotted tip to concentrate the spray
    These methods can use excess powder, have higher film thicknesses than desired, and could result in an uneven film build.

    Using the electrostatic process:

    Finesse the powder into recesses
    Decrease powder gun flow rates
    Reduce gun voltage to 40-60 Kv
    Maintain gun to part distance of about 8-10 inches
    Use slotted tip to concentrate spray
    Approach recess at an obtuse angle
    These methods could result in a slower application time.

    Spraying in the Faraday Cage: spraying at the recesses of a part at an obtuse angle can help to apply the coating properly.

    Reduces air turbulence
    Allows deeper penetration
    Minimizes early back ionization
    Utilizes more lines of force​
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