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newbie ? about masking....

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  • newbie ? about masking....

    everything i have done so far has been regular old one coat stuff no masking of letters or intricate designs. I have a wheel job where the guy wants chrome and black. In my small practice sessions on small scraps i get tape lines in the first coat when i peel off the masking tape. My guess is the first coat has not set up due to half curing. I am using the green high temp tape from PBTB if that matters. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: newbie ? about masking....

    first things first: curing the base... you need to almost fully cure the base. otherwise the base will re-gel and get tape impressions.

    tape: i pretty much only use the green tape for keeping bare metal clean. gasketed surfaces, tree stems, etc. it's a real pita to work with for anything that's not flat. for everything else, use autobody fine-line tapes... the rubbery kind that you can free mask flames and whatnot. back tape the fine-line tape with whatever. 3m blue tape (the 2080, i hate the 2090) from home depot works pretty good. 3m also has a similar crepe paper tape meant for autobody paint, and it's the best that i've used. you'll have to get it at an autobody supply house.

    gelling & unmasking: after you shoot your second coat, put the part in the oven and keep a close eye on it. AS SOON AS it gels, remove it from the oven. if it's a piece with thick and thin parts that heat at different rates, set the oven to 300 so you're not starting to cure the thin spots while waiting for the thick spots to gel. wait for the part to hit about 200 degrees, then unmask. too hot, then you'll get spider webbing. too cool, then you'll get chipping.

    clean up: damp a microfiber rag with some alcohol, then clean up any spider webbing or boogers you got at your lines. alcohol isn't very aggressive, so it's not gonna take it off fast, which is great if you miss your line and go into your second coat. shouldn't bother it. it won't bother the base at all, so scrub away til you've got nice clean lines.

    final cure: if you're going to clear it, you can clear it now and stick it back in for a full cure. if you're not going to clear, just final cure.

    boom. lookin pro.

    Figure Finishing
    Manassas Park, VA


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      Re: newbie ? about masking....

      Thanks figure_finishing for taking the time to write all of these steps out. I really do appreciate it. I will be following these steps in the near future.


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        Take the time to learn to use the Powder to liquid stuff...Once you get a solid process...doing logo's and taped designs is pretty much just like shooting normal stuff...