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looking at buying a cutter

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  • looking at buying a cutter

    \I was thinking about buying one. Im thinking about buying a 12". I get a lot of vinyl cut at a local shop and it costs me too much money. I usually don't have anything cut bigger than about 4". Where is the cheapest place to buy one?

    this seems to be the cheapest one i could find.

    If i could find one for a similar price that is smaller but a better product id rather do that. But i don't plan on cutting a ton of vinyl, but i want it to work
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    Nobody can recommend a cutter?


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      US Cutter (your ebay link) seems to be the most common place to purchase cutters from what I have seen. Most people tend to go as big as they can afford, and usually want more. You can make signs for your business and stuff like that if you can cut larger sizes.

      Sorry - that's about all I know about them, other than I'll need one eventually.

      Jay V


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        i cant see ever doing anything bigger than 12. But most of the cutters i find are like 28 or 34. Which is fine. I barely ever have vinyl cut for powder coating. I do glass etching. Drinking glasses and mirrors. Vinyl from a shop costs me more than the glass/mirror. The us cutter kind of scares me because they say if it arrives DOA, you must pay to ship it to and from warranty repair. That is a BS policy.


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          Just an FYI. I ended up buying that cheap cutter. UScutter refine mh-721. 220 shipped. It works great. i have nothing to compare it to, so maybe i just don't realize it, but i don't get why people say this thing is a cheap piece of crap. I have no complaints about it. The software that comes with it, on the other hand, is complete crap. I design everything in adobe illustrator and then save it and import it to the other software and size it and cut it. I would never design anything with that crap software.