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Multi-coats and lettering transitions

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  • Multi-coats and lettering transitions

    Hey all-
    I've read some old posts about lettering and pinstriping and have started to play around with this a bit. I am practicing on an old license plate. The numbers, state name and border are all a goldenrod color. The rest of the plate is like a midnight blue. I bead blasted the plate and applied a goldenrod color to the whole plate first. Next will come a coat of the blue. I plan to use crepe paper modeling tape to mask the numbers, state name and border. I'll probably just use the wet finger to wipe off some of the powder...a combination of steps as I've read about here.

    My question is about the transition, or edge, between the colors. Parts I've practiced on so far seem to have a noticable "ridge" where the tape was, or where I've wiped off powder. It is very sharp and a clean edge (happy about that), but even with a clear coat it is still noticable, makes sense- mil meter shows the thickness difference.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a method to keeping the mil thickness to a less noticable level? Is it because my base coat was fully cured when I applied the tape and then removed the tape just as the sceond coat started to gel? This was on a flat surface, not a raised number surface.

    I want to get some feedback before I try the raised numbers on my license plate!


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    Anyone out there have time to chime in??


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      what temp are you pulling your tape off at?
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