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Clear Coating over a Decal - Problems & questions

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  • PowderGuru
    Good Morning Daniel,
    The first thing to consider always before starting to work with decals is.... Will this thin piece of plastic art take the heat? The best way to find out is to contact the maker of the thing your gonna bake and ask. Researching the part manufacture is your answer.
    After you know what your baking then you have your answer.

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  • Clear Coating over a Decal - Problems & questions

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to the forum, but hope someone can help me. I make custom recumbent bicycles and want to clear coat over a decal on the bikes I build. I've made a couple of attempts and the latest one is what I'm writing about. Hopefully, I can include a couple of pictures as a new member to better show the issue I'm having.

    The problem: the decal didn't stay white when the clear coat was cured over it.
    Either the blue bled through the decal or the clear picked up the blue and flowed it
    over the white in curing.

    My procedure: I first coated the part with an Alternate Source's Dormant Sparkle Light
    Blue TGIC D1694004. It was cured 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

    Next the white decal was applied. Oracal 651G-010. White.

    The part was then coated with an Alternate Source's Super High Gloss Clear TGIC
    S1799014. It was then cured at 340 degrees for 25 minutes.

    The result - the white decal turned blue. Previous attempts at curing at
    375 degrees had the decal shrinking (I don't remember if the color was stable). So,
    I was attempting to cure the top coat at it's lowest possible temperature. It was
    successful at not shrinking the decal, but the white color was lost.

    If anyone there could give me advice about procedure or material, I would greatly
    appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,

    Daniel Gilbertson
    Spirit Flyer
    E 8443 Kolstad Rd.
    Readstown,WI 54652
    [email protected]
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