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  • Mercedes silver

    I have a guy who wants me to coat his wheels in a color as close to this as possible. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Mercedes silver

    Here is your problem, the wheel was first coated with a primer (powder) the liquid (for color) and topcoated with powdered may want to call the office and discuss your application with Matt ext 205. Matt is familar with all of the specialty coatings


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      Re: Mercedes silver

      hey King you know how the Ifinity G35 wheels are done??
      Ive never done car wheels and dont want to screw this up.
      I got a call today to do some in the same color as the car and if it will cover the abrasions on the lip.

      there kinda like a graphite/slate/platinum silver look , Im guessing Chrome Smoke would be dead on once i see them next week.


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        Re: Mercedes silver

        To be honest, I am not familar with those particular wheels but I do know the wheel coating process, powder - liquid - powder (acrylic). Good luck