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  • Price Check Please

    ok. this one is something I was never expecting. Someone please tell me what they think coating a fire hydrant should run. I already know what I am going to charge for blasting and prepping. How much to charge for coating this big HEAVY thing though?

    also what do you guys get for 22" wheels each? got a guy asking about those big ol crazy things also.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Price Check Please

    14 lookie-loos and no thoughts?


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      Re: Price Check Please

      Yes on the outgassing. Weight, couple tons if you try and lift it yourself, I dont know exactly. The guy wants it mirror red so his dog can pee on it in the back yard.

      I am going to disassemle it to make it easyer to work with. Still wont be easy, but it will be easyer.

      Prepping is stripping/blasting, but he is a friend of mine and plans on coming over here to strip it with my equip. which is fine with me cause I dont want to do it. No real taping or anything, though I am thinking of throwing a primer on with off gass forginving added to help cause I know its gonna offgass bad, it is cast.

      Oh yeah, its gonna be 5 parts. 3 steamer (or hole) caps. The bonett and the body. Im gutting it to try and get the weight down a bit. It probly wont help much, but this thing is a back breaker.


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        Re: Price Check Please

        he aint that good a friend. 150 is what I was thinking. Thanks Harleydad.

        Here is a pic if your interested, but if you have seen one, I guess you have seen um all.


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          Re: Price Check Please

          On the 22's, no less than $100 each for single color with KL Primer basecoat. For 2-coat process over the primer, $150 each. That doesn't include blasting which I have to outsource since 22's won't fit in my cabinet. I add on what my commercial blaster charges without markup. As it was pointed out to me by one customer, you can buy a pretty nice set of aftermarkets for what you have into refinishing a stock 22" rim.

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            Re: Price Check Please

            Thanks alot guys. I appreciate the help as always.