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  • How To: Introductory Questions

    Introductory Questions:

    1. "So, what all would I need to start powder coating?"

    This is probably the number one question asked by anyone wanting to start powder coating. Whether it's because you have some free time/experience with a related practice or you run a business specializing in powder applications; everyone starts out the same. We will get into what you need in the post below.

    2. "What are the absolute basics I need to start doing this as soon as possible?"

    Now this question is a bit more tricky to provide a stock answer to. The true answer is that it largely depends on the scale of your intended application. I will break down what I think to be the most comprehensive list in a second post once we have better determined scope.

    Factors To Consider:

    1. What is my scope? Hobbyist, small to medium business, or a level of industrial production?

    This mainly applies to what type of system you will need - - Our systems are actually broken down exactly as the above question is worded. So our ES01's are geared towards hobbyists, someone who is only using their system maybe 2 - 3 times a week for about 1 - 2 hours. ES02's are geared towards the small to medium business, someone who is using the system consistently during the week; so 4 - 5 days a week for anywhere form 2 - 5 hours. ES03's are industrial grade systems, meant for daily use for anywhere from 7 - 8 hours. Once you can identify which level of use you fall into, it allows you to look at the remainder of the items you need through a filter that's directly related to your personal usage.

    SpectraCoat Powder Coating Systems - - (

    2. Do I have a defined spending limit? How can I make sure I stick with that?

    There is nothing wrong giving yourself a limit in terms of equipment especially if this is a startup business or a specialty you're adding to an established business. But you need to go into this with realistic expectations. There are certain pieces of equipment that are absolutely required both for the process and by TOSHA regulatory standards. It's definitely better to spend more then risk any sort of unforeseen issue by trying to cut corners economically. Again, there is a tier based system for this process as well, so I will break down hypothetical estimates based on those tiers. (I cannot stress enough how these are hypothetical quotes based on pricing information from our company, this is by no means an item by item accurate breakdown. This is a generalized integer, and you may end up paying more or less for the equipment specific to your needs).

    Hobbyists - - $ 1,500 - $ 1,800

    Small/intermediate business - - $ 10,000 - $ 12,000

    Industrial - - $ 15,000 - $ 18,000

    3. What is my experience level both with the process and understanding of all required equipment?

    Experience with this type of application I would definitely posit is necessary in order to have confidence in practice. In many instances, powder coating is an extension project and many coaters start out with basic knowledge. Realistically the best information to be apprised of is what to do when everything seemingly goes wrong. Whether it's surface flaws like orange peel or fisheyes, adhesion problems, or even the processes for second coats or special instances utilizing tape or plugs; knowing what not to do adversely allows you to know exactly what to do. This kind of information is only available by either attending a class (which we offer), becoming an active part of the community (through social media, online forums, etc.) or by taking the time to attempt and learn from your failures. Obviously, the best way to avoid wasting product, time, and money would be taking a class that covers the basics for application, hands on activities, and in depth explanations for issues of application.

    4. How do I intend to price projects? How can I display the options available to my customer?

    This question really only applies to coaters in the second tier of small to intermediate business, however, it could also be helpful for someone doing a one off project or just trying to get a better understanding of the compromise between material and labor. As predominately a supplier of both required equipment and formal training we do not take on any projects for application unless it pertains to a class. The absolute best way to gauge your own pricing is to evaluate your skill level, investigate other shops offering the same service (especially local as you can adjust competitively). There will always be someone charging much less/risking quality and someone gouging the prices because their applications contain detail or other elements. The best way to be able to charge more is to build confidence in your ability, which can be achieved through a variety of ways. Online presence is essential, not just social media but seeking out where your customers are looking for these kinds of services. Think outside the box, make sure your work is well documented/dynamic, and take every opportunity to perfect the processes you offer. Provide your customers with examples of the powder applied either by using a Panel Book system like we provide, or by having a small show room or collection of items you can offer that display your skill set coating-wise.

    5. What are my options for technical support and troubleshooting?

    Just by clicking the link for this title post you've answered your own question as you're on our forum which offers helpful tips, images, etc. Support is available professionally through us in a variety of platforms: email, Live Chat with agents via our online store, call in and be able to speak with the person who built your gun or the agent who chose your colors. Our YouTube channel offers a look at local powder coaters, troubleshooting tips and tricks, and even assembly for our products. Our FaceBook page gives you an opportunity to display your work, take part in contests with prizes coming straight for our facility. There's of course also support available all over the internet with other forums and official sites for finishing. I will post correlating links below.

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