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  • C8544 PAINT STRIPPER tips?

    i ordered myself 5 gallons of this stuff, after a disasterous attempt to strip a set of cast harley wheels with eastwoods desolve, and then a few cans of aircraft stripper. Will this work after i have already softend the coating? I need to build the tank, i messed around with a 55 gallon poly drum today, cut it down to about 12 or so inches. Fill it with 5 gallons of water, and could submerge one side of the wheel at a time, can i use this method and just flip them?

    will a food grade poly drum (the thick blue plastic ones) work? or will it eat it away? OR can i use a metal 55 gallon drum? they have a coating inside them tho, that i think will strip off, and then probably rust.....Or should i get a stainless one? What can i use to heat this stuff, or aggitate it? I was thinking a drum heater on a metal drum would be cool? Im pushing the drums, because i have a ton, and they fit wheels good. ANY input will help. thanks guys!

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    Re: C8544 PAINT STRIPPER tips?

    I cant tell you about the stripper you are talking about, I have never used it. But I do use the blue drums you are talking about with spray gun cleaner (10 gallons of it). That is what I use to strip powder and its some nasty stuff. I cant imagine anything being much worse than that, I dont think you will have a problem with the plastic drum.

    P.S. I left my drum at regular size, that way if I get parts with paint on them that are larger, just the fumes of the stuff Im using will pop the paint. Dont know if your stripper will do that or not, and it doesnt work on powder, but with painted stuff its great.


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      Re: C8544 PAINT STRIPPER tips?

      If you send me your email address, I will be happy to forward to your attention the TDS on the product.....