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Before I make it worse, any advice?

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  • Before I make it worse, any advice?

    I'm spraying a customer fan shroud in wet black. It was heavily coated in primer when he gave it to me. Spent and hour or 3 sandblasting and shot away. It came out beautiful, smoothest I've ever sprayed before!. But there must have been a few spots with embbedded primer and they release some bubbles on the surface.

    I orginally shot the piece brought it up to 320 for 5 minutes to flow out smooth. Then turned up the oven to 400. Checked the temp a few min later and thats when I saw the flaws. Pulled it out and let it cool. I sanded the spots with 400 grit on a DA. Wiped with whole thing down with PRE and popped it back in the oven for full cure. Then everywhere I sanded turned to a wrinkle finish, and the parts I didn't sand reflowed and are orange peeled like a somabitch. I fully cured at this point 10 Min at 400.

    I resanded the wrinkle finish and the heavy orange peel, ready to shoot I suppose. Am I safe to reshoot or is this a case of restrip and start over?

    Do I need to scuff up any areas that wern't affected by these issues? And why would it turn wrinkly?

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Before I make it worse, any advice?

    A second possibility on the wrinkling is you took it out of the oven before the first coat was fully cured. It was beyond flow-out, but not finished cross-linking and the second coat of powder reacted with the first. If your first coat cures for longer than 5 minutes before you add more touch-up powder but is not fully cured, it will wrinkle like that. It happened to me on this wheel. I noticed my clear wasn't even on this wheel and reshot some clear on it after about 8 minutes with no solvent or anything, just powder. Here is what happened.

    [attachment=0:3bbn1r0a]Wrinkle Gold & Chrome.jpg[/attachment:3bbn1r0a]

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      Re: Before I make it worse, any advice?

      I figured it hadn't cured all the way and thats what caused the wrinkling.

      Since I baked it at 400 for 8-9 minutes after I sanded it smooth, I'm ok to shoot the second coat?

      It looked just like the above picture where I sanded out the original defects.


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        Re: Before I make it worse, any advice?

        Running into your problem myself I agree with what these guys have said but would like to add don't use the pre for that situation. The pre bit me on the butt in a similar circumstance. It actually adds to your problem.


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          Re: Before I make it worse, any advice?

          The funny thing is I choose to use PRE (I rarely use it) over De Alcohol. Doh!

          I'm gonna put in through a full cure again to be safe, and then shoot the second coat. I ain't got time for redo's!!