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Coating Motorcycle Spokes

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  • Coating Motorcycle Spokes

    I've got a customer that would like his motorcycle wheels done. He would like the rim and hub one color and the spokes another. Is there any problem with the powder coat cracking on the spokes after they are re-laced and tightened up? It would certainly do a better job then trying to mask things off and doing it as one part.

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    Re: Coating Motorcycle Spokes

    I would think not. One of the beauties of powder is the elasticity of it. When I used to ride BMX, I would just spray paint my wheels/spokes and no problem with it cracking even with paint. So, I think you're good!


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      Re: Coating Motorcycle Spokes

      Todd has done many spokes & customers have never had a problem


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        Re: Coating Motorcycle Spokes

        I have also done many spoke sets. Never had any issues with adhesion. I've had some customers that wanted matching spoke nipples and some that wanted chrome nipples. For those that wanted matching nipples I always threaded the nipple until there was 2 threads showing and hooked the head of the spoke on a piece of 1" flat stock to shoot. They will hang loosely but with care and spacing they won't swing into each other.
        The attached url is one wheel I did. The picture is grainy but the wheel is smooth.