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  • BBS wheels

    I have a customer that is wanting me to redo his BBS RK wheels. Is there anything special I need to know about stripping them. I did a search and I saw several people saying that they had some rock hard primer coat. I have a blast cabinet and I also have cybersolve. What is going to be the best way to get these ready to coat? If the top coat comes off but not the primer can you safely coat over that? Thanks for all the help guys.

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    Re: BBS wheels

    If your cybersolve is warm enough...somewhere about 85 - 130 degrees..both layers should peel right off and you should be left with a clean substrate. Let em' sit for a few hours in the works real well when it is warm.


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      Re: BBS wheels

      Per the guys at pbtp I bought a turkey fryer off of craigslist. It seems to work real well to heat the cybersolve. Now I just need to find a good metal tub to use for wheels. What do you guys think would work best.


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        Re: BBS wheels

        i found that if u cut a metal 55 gallon drum in half and fill it up,that works well for me.
        bbs wheels do have that funcky primer underneath.make sure you price accordinally for stripping