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  • BMX Frame...

    I already took the job and we started stripping down the frame, I just got a couple of questions.

    It's a 20" frame, small enough to fit inside the HF blasting cabinet. How much powder should I need for this? Will 1lb of SD Cubic Blue be enough? Also, what's a fair price for this item? Thanks!

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    Re: BMX Frame...

    My "guestimate" is around $40.... you know that good old saying"I will have to see the part before i can give you a firm quote" 1lb of powder should be plenty. I think it depends on guns & how many coats but i can get at least 2 bike rims per lb. I haven`t seen the cubic blue.. make sure you post pics when done. Good Luck


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      Re: BMX Frame...

      1 lb should be more than enough. I did that entire Honda 750 frame with less than 1/2 lb per coat. I think $40 is a bit low though in my opinion. I'm thinking more in the $50 to $60 range for a single coat.

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        Re: BMX Frame...

        Thanks guys! I'm actually charging $75, and that includes blasting of what was a pretty rough finish. I figured there was enough blasting and masking off small stuff to justify the extra few bucks. If I can keep getting $75 for them great, I think my minimum on these will be $50. Thanks again!


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          Re: BMX Frame...

          I charge $75 for one shot, including sandblasting. I do a TON of these things, and no one has ever cried about the price, which leads me to think I could even charge a bit more.