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  • oven

    Well, I just got started building my oven. ID are 44 1/2x 40 x 72"H. I have 3 2000 W elements. The walls, floor and top are together.
    I need some advice with, the fan and motor. How many and the best place to install. Pictures would help to. ideas and advice on were to mount the burners. I seen a post beebob had posted about a false wall for the burners. Seems like that might work. thanks to most of you on here, you dont relize how much help you have been .

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    Re: oven

    Enjoy the build.I just finished mine this week.Go for a window that can open so you can check pmt on the parts.I only lose a couple degrees that way vs 200 degrees opening the door.


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      Re: oven

      Another plus to the window is so you can see when the powder flows and if it's starting to go south, you can yank it out before it completes the cure. It strips a lot easier then fully cured.

      To help with the fan question, click the link. There is plenty to look through, just can't give you a particular thread.