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Copper or Gold transparent?

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  • Copper or Gold transparent?

    Does anyone have any pictures of Copper or Gold transparent?

    I'm trying to identify the color used on this bike frame and that appears to be the closest match.

    BTW, the blotchy-ness of the color is due to the fact that the frame is powdercoated on a raw bike frame just after welding/heat treatment without any blasting or scotchbrite. This bike company calls this the "Works" finish. I have this frame in a raw unfinished state and want to apply a translucent powdercoat over the top.

    (This finish in the pics was a one-off for a professionally sponsored rider and not available to regular customers. They do offer transparent red/blue on top of the "works" finish)

    Do you guys think Copper or Gold transparent is the color used? Maybe even Candy Orange?

    Base frame before powder:

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    Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

    here is another one... not sure if this is the same color though...


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      Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

      no pics but how about copper trans.


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        Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

        Yep.. exactly want I'm looking to acheive...


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          Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

          two passes of gold transparent will hit that on the head for sho.

          I have a one pass sample I can take a pic of, but not a two pass. When you lay it on heavy it will look just like that.


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            Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

            Thank you guys for the help thus far...

            I would love to see a pic of the trans gold you shot.

            I found this pic of a "transparent copper" not sure if the powder is from PowderBuyThePound or not.

            Now I'm leaning more towards the trans gold.


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              Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

              Also, how about Candy Orange?


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                Re: Copper or Gold transparent?

                Hi... did you ever get a chance to take that pic?

                It's been about 2 weeks since I ordered my samples kit but was told it wont ship till next. So I wont even see them till the week after.