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Coating a soldered radiator?

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  • Coating a soldered radiator?

    Can a radiator with soldered joints take the heat of PC?

    He wants either a glass clear, (cures at 340), or a chrome/glass clear. I don't want to ruin a brand new radiator for this guy.


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    Re: Coating a soldered radiator?

    There are a lot of solders that melt in the 350 degree range and some that melt as low as 200 degrees. I melted the solder out of an older automobile gas tank awhile back. IMO it would be risky.


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      Re: Coating a soldered radiator?

      If possible, I'd contact the manufacturer and try to find out what solder they use and what the melting temp is.

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        Re: Coating a soldered radiator?

        Like Wise said, make contact with someone that does radiators, even a repair shop should be able to answer your question. But if you think about it, the radiator in a car hits some pretty high temps at times. I don't think you would get hurt, but I would cure at around 350 to be safe. I have a few old style radiators here. I may just stick one in the oven and see how it goes. But I have seen somewhere on Internet where PCing a radiator is offered. Maybe do a Google on it.