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Durability of high temp powder

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  • Durability of high temp powder

    The description of the high temp powders say designed to hold up to 1000 degrees. I have a customer who wants me to do headers for a 31 ford pickup that will be used for shows. I have heard that the high temp powder will work, and I have heard that it wont. Will it?

    Also on the high temp topic. I have another customer who wants me to powdercoat his stove top in the gloss black. Its an electric stove, and I am guessing that under the burners will get very hot. I know he wants a gloss black if I have to go with a high temp powder, but if it doesn't get as hot as we are suspecting, he wants a vein look powder. Anyone know how hot it gets under there?

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    Re: Durability of high temp powder

    I did a motor home gas burner stovetop in High Temp Stainless Silver a couple of years ago and it is still holding up well. The burners are above the surface, so it doesn't really get as hot as you might think.

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      Re: Durability of high temp powder

      I used it on headers B4. Motorcyles best i can say is keep it away form flying debri. or anything that will hit it cause it will chip easy.
      Heres a pic of my bike w/the headers done. keep in mind that my front wheel is directly in front of the headers.
      [attachment=00ya7f82]IMG_0815 [640x480].JPG[/attachment0ya7f82]


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        Re: Durability of high temp powder

        Like Harleydad said, heat will kill it easy. Did a set for a buddy on his bike, and the stuff is flaking off. It probly woudlnt have if he had it tuned properly, but he thinks he has a race bagger so its gotta run a little lean, DUMB IF YOU ASK MY, he insisted I do it, so I did and it didnt last 3 months.

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