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Ok now on to clear coats

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  • Ok now on to clear coats

    Sorry for all the questions guys, I am learning as I go I notice a lot of people use the diamon acrylic clear, I have also read that it is hard to use?? What is the best(glossiest) easiest to use clear? I was considering using the mirror clear, Or the glass clear? The Glass clear has a higher gloss level but is cheaper? I will be using this over metallics, and so forth. Thanks for all the input guys...

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    Re: Ok now on to clear coats

    Hey JH, My favorite is the Super Durable crystal clear. I have had great luck with it, It really flows out nice. I have worked with the glass clear and I seem to get a lot more orange peel with it....So do some of the other guys. It seem to be "Not as friendly" if you would. the sd is a little more "grainy" of a powder but it sprays real nice. It gives a stronger durablity level to your items. 3000+ Hrs of salt spray resistance. And If im not mistaken it is a little cheaper in price then the glass. Real easy on the clean up also. I have done a ton of rims, and it is my choice of


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      Re: Ok now on to clear coats

      I just shot the Sd cystal clear had no problems with it, that was the first time using it and first time clearing anything.