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Exhaust pipe coating?

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  • Exhaust pipe coating?

    I was handed a pair of exhaust pipes measuring roughly 5 1/2 ft long and 2 1/2 round. They are straight except at the ends the have a 60 to 90 deg bend with the flange. Wants chrome ceramic. Priced them at $75 per pipe. I think I shorted myself? That's about $15 a foot. These are new aluminized steel. So not much work to do. Figured I would sand them with 320, blow off, rinse, coat, bake.


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    Re: Exhaust pipe coating?

    You definitely shorted yourself. I get $25 per foot minimum for cerma chrome. You must sandblast to get the correct etch on the part or the coating will fail or you will have problems with adhesion when you bake the part. Another thing you need to do with bent pipes is smooth any marks or burrs created when the pipes were bent before you blast them. If you don't remove the burrs or deep scratches before you coat them you will polish all the way back through to the metal when you polish them.


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      Re: Exhaust pipe coating?

      That's what I figured. Guess I just needed slapped around a bit to come to my senses. I left an opening there so I can recover if I needed too.