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Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

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  • Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

    I've got a cylinder head for a Triumph that I'll be doing. I was planning on using the high temp gloss black but I was wondering if I could use bumper or wet black instead. Will these powders stand up to the heat? The customer I'm doing it for is looking for a gloss black.

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    Re: Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

    Originally posted by Harleydad
    Regular powder should be fine.
    same here . done many and no problems with reg powders.
    if it s one of the older models make sure it is well cleaned and outgased


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      Re: Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

      As HDad said, no problem for regular powder.

      HDad and I saw them coating jugs at the HD plant - nothing special, just regular powder for most.

      They did have a high heat paint for some parts, but I think it was just for the VRod.

      Is that right, Jeff?



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        Re: Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

        It would depend on the bike I would think. It's true that HD doesn't use a high temp powder on their engines. But I've seen lots of them have problems with the powder not holding up due to high heat. Mostly on dressers that don't get as much air flow due to the fairing lowers.

        Don't get me wrong, I'm no powder expert. The guys above know more than I could ever dream to about powder coating. But I do know Harleys. My point being, just because Harley doesn't use high temp doesn't mean it doesn't need to be used in certain applications. I guess it depends on which model Triumph you're coating. If it's liquid cooled, or gets good air flow over the head, I'd say no need for high temp powder. If it's an air cooled engine with restricted air flow over the head, I'd use high temp.


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          Re: Coating Motorcycle Cylinder Head

          I was wondering about that too.I am getting ready to redo my old ironhead and was not sure if pc would hold up on the heads? It seems like that's the first place that factory coatings fail aside from high wear areas.I was planning on using high temp on the heads [because of heat around the exhuast port],and standard powder on the jugs and rocker boxes. I would rather have the whole thing done in high gloss colors so if you guys say it will hold it's shine I'll give it a shot!