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  • silly question

    hi everyone iam fairly new on here my question is can u powder wheels with 2 diffrent colours i.e front face of the wheel lets say white with the inserts and sides ofthe spokes black no1 will coat 2 tone jobs in scotland most people will have there wheels wet painted 2 tone.iam justwondering if anyone can help me with like what u would do and what kinds of tapes ect ill requre ?

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    Re: silly question

    i dont have a pic its just in genral it will be getting dun mostly to sets of alloy wheels the bit i dnt understand is do i coat the wheel with the base colour bake it off mask upthe areas i would like kept the base colour then how do i preheat the wheel so the second colour wil stick without melting the tape to the 1st colour as i stated in previous topic before i dnt really have any knowledge about powder coating the basics thats about it lol thanks for all the help guys


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      Re: silly question

      What gun are you using? Parts do not have to be pre-heated to lay down powder the powder particles are charged through you gun and attracted to the part + to - ...send me your email address and I will send you information on powder coating...


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        Re: silly question

        my email adress is [email protected] and iam using a gema optflex i have noknowledge atall what settings are ment to be set for like metallics ect any info onthis machine and diff settings i can program would be great


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          Re: silly question

          check you email....with a Gema Gun you should be able to shoot multipule coats cold with no problem....


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            Re: silly question

            thanks very much king i will have a read through this what settings ect would i set this machine to for like silver/metalics and for like flat colours (matt) and standard gloss or will the one setting do all of this


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              Re: silly question

              the green high temp tape will not melt under normal curing temps .
              i never used the optiflex but both guns i use the older model gema and the wagner give similar results
              you will have to practice and try different settings to see what s best for you but a good starting point
              would be to set both the kv and the miliamps at 60 for most jobs , very large flt areas you can raise to 80,
              complex shape you lower the settings , second coats try 40 or 45 kv for a start.
              with my gema i can do 6 coats with no problems.
              for air adjustments you adjust to have a nice unform powdercloud with no puffing or spitting with just enough pressure push that powdercloud over the part , but you don t want the air pressure to blow the powder off the part .
              do a few tests and tell us how it turned out


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                Re: silly question

                the machine iam using is gema optistar type cg07 the settings i allwas use it on are set to
                flat surface
                50 , 4.0
                00 , 00
                0.1 , 0.3

                i ment aswell see if the green tape is still on the wheel wen ive masked iand shot the second colour do i put the wheel in the oven and start to bake it with the tape still on will it not stick to the 1st colour of powder ?