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Bigger or smaller hoppers?

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  • Bigger or smaller hoppers?

    I'm getting requests for smaller ( 3" diameter tubes ) and larger ( 6" diameter tubes ). I would like some feed back as far as improvements/changes needed or size changes bigger/smaller. Also are the ball valve and swivel being used or are most of you taking them off and using a direct air line or the control box regulator? Thanks...

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    Re: Bigger or smaller hoppers?

    As far as size goes. I'm interested in a small hopper. Not so much the diameter, that part is perfect, just the height. The big opening is perfect for cleaning and filling. I just don't need 3lbs of powder all the time, most times I'm dealing with 1-2lbs at a time, so a hopper that's half the height would be PERFECT.

    The valve I like and plan on keeping. The swivel I can do without. I'm planning on removing it sometime over the weekend and hooking up a hose instead. It'll make things easier and take some stress away from that small area.


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      Re: Bigger or smaller hoppers?

      i just wish sometime soon i will be buying a gun with a hooper set-up.but 1-2 pounds for some smaller stuff would really be good.