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  • Part Cool down

    Was reading around diffent places and was noticing some people leave there parts in the oven too cool down,some even overnight?
    Is this necessary for any items large or small.
    I would think it could almost overcure depending on how much heat is held in the part/oven
    I remove my parts right after my bell sounds and move to another room to finsih my other stuff.

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    Re: Part Cool down

    Once the oven is off, it won't maintain the cure temperature very long. With the overbake stability of most powders, I'd say it probably wouldn't hurt. I'm just too impatient to see how my stuff turned out to leave it in the oven after it's done. I even wheel my big rack outside (even when it's below zero) to help speed the cooling on bigger stuff. I've never had a problem doing that either.

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      Re: Part Cool down

      For me it just depends on what else I have going on. If there are other parts waiting for coat & cure then I'll let them sit in there for a few minutes until they are cool to the touch, then take them to the office. If they are the last pieces of the night then I'll leave them in the oven with the door cracked on the latches (about 2-3 inches) and just let them cool down over night. It usually takes the oven 10 minutes to cool down to around 200 degrees, it's usually down to room temperature within 15-20 minutes.