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  • gift cards ....freebie stuff

    i know a few of you guys do car shows and other venues . and i know i seen somewhere on the furoms about guys giving away gift cards . we are plaining on sponsering in a car show this year . and i am wanting to put together some gift cards for door prizes , and need some ideas

    what are you guys doing for give aways ?

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    Re: gift cards ....freebie stuff

    I help sponsor an event this summer that was to get people to stop street racing and bring it to the track. I gave away 2 $70 prizes and then gave a 15% discount to anyone that kept their racing ticket.


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      Re: gift cards ....freebie stuff

      $25 & $50 Gift Certifiactes that I threw together in Word Perfect - nothing fancy, just something to get people in the shop. I've given away a few dozen over the last couple of years, only had one cashed in ???


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        Re: gift cards ....freebie stuff

        i was thinking about 50 bucks . did not think about the percentage off if you participated . i may do something like that . anything to get a new guy to come to us


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          Re: gift cards ....freebie stuff

          I have run a couple businesses in the past and have had zero luck with gift certificates...I don't know what the deal is with em, but they don't seem to work for me at all.

          I am a weird I have weird ideas...but....

          What about powder coated business cards? with a pneumatic shear and a grinder you could cut a bunch of em out at a time. With some kind of shear you could cut em out perfect with a quickness...hand write the front and clear coat maybe? and color the backs? that would be an eye catcher...someone would not only save that, but show it to others...

          I wouldn't want to have a pile of em out on the table...but maybe for someone you have pulled in and talked to and think there is a real shot at some sales. I would think you could make a little rack that would hold a whole lot of em at a time.