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  • ATV pricing

    Lost what I had on ATV coating pricing In a computer crash and need some info. Moderate pricing for my area I would say for South East coast NC income from $15k to $40K? There is $$$$$$$ bucks here but those people have someone do their foot work for them and the rest are retied like me and just like not having to do it again next year

    Frame- striped and ready and just prep and 1 coat=

    Frame-Need to do all to make ready=

    Frame- Old powder + sand out bad to feather out prep and shoot=

    Extra parts that cold be coated list?

    Maybe a link to a coaters prices in the south?

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    Re: ATV pricing

    i Dug this up


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      Re: ATV pricing

      Thanks. That will help a lot but there sure was some major pricing differences there for sure! The biggest problem I have in my area is how to price stuff for the average guy on their income level? Maybe $7 to $18 per hr income. with a few in the $30 to $50 range and then you have the mega buck people The lower paid guys is who I have the most calls from and do work for. And then other have a problem with $10/15 worth of rattle can paint and my $200 maybe powder job and higher And then there is a coater 35 miles away that has some major bucks tied up in his 2 year old business and does no advertising at all no where and just in the right place I guess and has I think 5 ovens 3 or gas and one big enough to do auto/truck frames and will under cut me in a heart beat and don't even know my prices and I am low I think? He just don't need the money and says he is doing it for the family to have something to do when he has to step out. He buys powder from 5 to 25 lbs. I have more colors on hand and he more powder and uses it like crazy and I just hope to get a job every now and then and he has 4 to 10 a day?????????? And life goes on and on and on