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One Heck Of An Aluminum Cleaner!!!!!

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  • One Heck Of An Aluminum Cleaner!!!!!

    I have been using the aluminum mag wheel cleaner and no mater what I do unless maybe dip it it wants to streak. But no problem most of the time because a color will tend to that. Well I have a brand new intake to do and he just wanted it cleared. No problem! Well I used my normal and saw the streaks and said is it going to show or go away under the clear??? Well I didn't want to chance it so I pulled out a new gal of something and friend told me about so I could see if it would fix and clean what I just did and it worked. And its way cheaper than the mag wheel stuff and up mix it 1 part to 3 parts of water.
    If you guys live in the south then you may have a place called C C Dickson they are a heating and air supplier and if you don't have one just check around for a company like that in your area or ask a heat and air repair person.

    Here is the product and they also make some Go Green ones to. This one is an acid base but when diluted is not bad like some of the others.

    I know a lot of you use other stuff and might be good to know what you have tried and like or don't like. The price on this is good so it might be wort a try or catch a friend in the H&A business and get a sample just remember to dilute. Not sure how mean it is raw?

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    Re: One Heck Of An Aluminum Cleaner!!!!!

    Sounds good Duke, got any before and after pics?


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      Re: One Heck Of An Aluminum Cleaner!!!!!

      Originally posted by BeeBob
      Sounds good Duke, got any before and after pics?

      All I can really say is that the intake was new out of the box. It was the normal ruff casting Edelbrock and kind of had a shine to it? I washed it down with a heavy degrease but decided to make sure and then I used the mag wheel aluminum cleaner and then when I wash it off and saw the streaks that is when I wondered what to do and then this morning thought of using what I had bought and never used. Well all I can say is after I let it soak for a few minuits and used a toothbrush and then rinsed it off and put the air to it to get all the water out of every where it looked just like it did when he brought it to me. Shinny So now I am ready to coat after out gassing it? Its going to be a tough one with a before and after picture except the after will have the clear coat and be a bit more shinny.

      What I need to find is a old one and see how it does. That will let me know the real cleaning power it has. But most of the time we coat them with a color so all we want is clean of impurities and not clean so it could be cleared and look like new! I guess I have to go garage buddy intake hunting? Every thing I have is the polished type. But I will polish up some parts and see if it dulls them any and let you know.


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        Re: One Heck Of An Aluminum Cleaner!!!!!

        I 99% do all this stuff out the door and in fresh air and have dealt with some of the harshest chemical out there and been lucky with only minor burns over the years and you learn real quick and splash back is the one that gets you either with water spray or air coming back at you and that's the only time I like wearing these dag glasses that over 40 made me do years ago

        Originally posted by polert
        Duke This chemical also require the same high caution. We use this chemical very often. It can be puchased many places like local vendors Johnstone supply, G. Larson's, Menard's, and Home Depot.
        Check out the HVAC maintenance area, and also the pool cleaning area retails a product that is very similar. This chemicals off gassing fumes are Hydrochloric acid. When you add water it cause a heavy off gassing effect with the fumes irritating your nose, and throat. Good chemical to use when wanting to get the job done. Prices start at $10 for two one gallon jugs.