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Lack of Gloss?

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  • Lack of Gloss?

    Last few times shooting SD wet black i haven't really had the gloss levels from before.I tried pre heating the oven to 250 then ramping it up to 400,and still not as glossy as before.Usually i go 400 pmt for 15 minutes just to be safe.What causes lack of gloss,or is just me?ANy ideas what to try?

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    Re: Lack of Gloss?

    Are they same type/thickness parts as the last time when they were shiny? The ramping up of the temps is usually needed if the parts are thin or you want to make sure of a good complete flow out.


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      Re: Lack of Gloss?

      Wet black isn't over bake stable, SD wet black is. Which one are you using?

      Sounds like the part is getting too hot. Did you check with a IR gun?

      I had a hot spot in my back corner of the oven. Any parts put in that area were hotter than the rest and would turn cloudy.