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Powder Coated Business Cards

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  • Powder Coated Business Cards

    I am looking for someone that can stamp a design into metal blanks that I can use as business cards after I powder coat them. Does anyone know a company that can do that for a resonable price? I already have the metal blanks that I have gotten from ebay and now needing to move forward.

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    Re: Powder Coated Business Cards

    trophy shop could engrave them pretty cheap
    you could get a number/letter punch die set, with a positioning block and do it yourself with a hammer, or small press, and a wood backer
    your local machine shop, but custom tool and die making is expensive
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      Re: Powder Coated Business Cards

      Do a web search for metal business cards. You'll get oodles of results.

      I looked into it as well and thought it would be cool, but they aint cheap unless you order tens of thousands. I saw anywhere from $.80 a piece to 1.50 a peice. That was laser cut though.


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        Re: Powder Coated Business Cards

        I would suggest finding a place that does laser engraving. I was in a laser class for work and did this on a piece I coated. I was tempted to start doing my own at work, but I think I would get in some trouble...