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  • titanfab - a few questions

    Thanks for the welcome, from prattville, next to montgomery, U.
    Well I found this site wanting information on powder coating. I'm thinking about adding it to my shop. But I need to get togerther a business plan to sell it to my wife.
    I've been lurking and learning, but its coming slow.
    This should probably be moved to another forum.
    Can anybody help me with: I would need 8x8x12 oven size
    How much does it cost to run and oven and hr. I know my cost of elec and gas will be a factor and also how good my equipment is but I'm trying to get a baseline average.
    How much does phosphate cost and how long does it last.
    Which degreaser does everybody use
    Does somebody have plans for a spray booth. That I can build myself
    What is an average steam cleaner (brand) what are people using.
    What are PC companies charges sq f for coating? (my guy charges are up and down) Any were from 3 to 6 depending on day of week.
    Thanks Michael

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    Re: titanfab - a few questions

    I just gotta ask, you a Bama man or an Aubarn man? Say your from or in Prattville, Im from Sylacauga. Live in Florida, but from Sylacauga. Welcome to the site!

    I dont really have any answers to your questions though, sorry, I am in a much smaller situation. For degreasing though, I use purple power, you can get it at Wally World (Wal Mart) but Im sure your looking for somthing in bulk.


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      Re: titanfab - a few questions

      The cost of running an oven depends on the power it uses and the cost of the power in your area. One of the larger ovens from PBTP uses 90kW (assuming this is the sum power draw of the elements). In Tallahassee the charge for power is ~$0.15 per kWh. So at my location the oven would cost ~$13/hr. This is with the elements on and not accounting for supplementary electronics within the oven (fan, lights, etc), once the oven is up to temp the elements will turn on and off intermittently which will reduce the power draw.

      This is the oven I'm referring to: ... ts_id=1010


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        Re: titanfab - a few questions

        Originally posted by Harleydad
        Stonehenge!!! Stonehenge! Is it Stonehenge? It looks like Stonehenge!....[Stewie playing pictionary.] anybody?just me ? sorry I'll go away now.


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          Re: titanfab - a few questions

          Well I'm a auburn fan only when they are playing alabama, If that makes since. I had a good friend in college from Sylacauga. Hal Godwin. His dad worked at the paper mill. He and I played some college ball together.

          Thanks for the info any more


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            Re: titanfab - a few questions

            makes perfect since to me BARNER


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              Re: titanfab - a few questions

              To figure power consumption. Take your wattage of your oven and divide by one thousand. This will give you kilowatts per hour. example 100watt light = 100/1000= .1kwh. Now look at your electric bill and find where it states your charge for kwh on the bill. Say .08 cents. Now take that times your kwh of the oven in our example it's the light. .08x.1=0.008 this is what the light cost to operate per hour. I hope this helps.