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  • Oven Error

    So my oven was working last night I turn if off when I was done a job like normal. This morning I go out and turn it on and now I get EEEE on the PID display? Anyone have any suggestions for what to look at first?

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    Re: Oven Error

    Looks like I have a bad K type thermocouple.... anyone have a suggestions on where to get one pretty quick?


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      Re: Oven Error

      I am trying to get an old one I had working.... If it does not work out I will PM you.

      Thanks, Mike


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        Re: Oven Error

        I had the same thing when I hooked up my PID (one I got from ebay, a coldfusionX model) and it turned out to be a setting that had to changed in the menu for the type of thermocouple that was being used. Got that to work but I didn't realize I needed a heat sink on the SSR and I think I cooked it