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Gonna sound goofy, but here 'goes

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  • Gonna sound goofy, but here 'goes

    The oven I am using is one i built and is powered with a oil fired trailer furnace gun, running on clear kerosene. Before you ask, it works very well, and if you get them adjusted right, they don't give off any soot at all. I am yet to have any problems with a finish using it. The only thing I dont like is I use a thermostat off a kitchen oven, and I would like something slightly more exact. Would the PID you guys use with the electric ovens work for this?

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    Re: Gonna sound goofy, but here 'goes

    It will work fine and you should be able to use it to fire the furnace also. Sounds like a cool idea and I have thought about the same thing but with a WVO or WMO unit fired into a heat exchanger so the flame and exhaust never go into the oven.


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      Re: Gonna sound goofy, but here 'goes

      I am actually shocked how well it works... the oven is 40"x48"x8' on the inside and gets up to temperature within about 3 or 4 minutes. As long as the air is adjusted so that it is mixing just right with the fuel, then it doesn't give off any soot at all. And its cheap to run. It has a .60gph nozzle, so it costs me roughly $1.25 an hour to run.