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  • Oven Walls

    I've been having a dust issue ever since I started this venture. I think I've narrowed down the major source to my oven. When I look at my kitchen oven the interior walls have a bit of a gloss or shine to them. My PC oven (from 1974) doesn't. No matter how much I clean and scrub the walls still seem to sluff off a bit of dust. I think every time I move the rack, hang a part etc I knock some more off. Now my question.... What do you think about using a couple of cans of high temp paint on it? Or PC'ing it? Do you think either will seal the surface?

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    Re: Oven Walls

    I would consider bringing them down to bare metal before any high temp or powder. Can you just replace the sheet metal?


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      Re: Oven Walls

      It's a kitchen oven so I'm stuck with the metal that's there.