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interchangable guns?

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  • interchangable guns?

    Ok, the gun I am using now is a customized caswell 50kv unit. By customized, I mean i built a hopper for it, and the cup is no longer usable. I also have one of those state-of-the-art HF guns that crapped out on me. The HF gun was handy for doing small stuff like sample panels. What I was thinking of doing is cutting the cords to both guns and putting some sort of quick connector, so I dont have to go through the task of cleaning out the hopper and lines between every test panels or beer bottle. I wouldnt think there is anything special about the power chord that would prevent me from doing that. Any ideas, suggestions, etc?

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    Re: interchangable guns?

    It can't be done the cable is a high voltage cable that carries the high voltage to the gun. When I firs started I tried the same thing with bad results I tried several different connectors and the all leaked the high voltage. The only connectors I could find rated for that much kv were very expensive in the $80 and up range. Before I upgraded my gun i did have some success just changing guns by disconnecting the wire from the inside of the barrel on the gun and putting a pogo pin on it and sliding it down into the barrel of each gun. You will need to create a silicone seal that will hold the wire in place when it is inserted all the way into the barrel. If you have any questions about how to do it give me a call.


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      Re: interchangable guns?

      Auto-cycle PC you make me feel a lot better. I did the same thing I got lucky and knew a friend in electronics that fixed it. I tried the coupling, it got a little juice but not enough.
      I should have done the right thing, like bClapp did and ask somebody.


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        Re: interchangable guns?

        Hey ALPowder where are you located?