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  • Matching a color

    Hello, Newbie here..

    I am looking to powder coat a couple parts but would like to try to match them to some currently painted parts.

    the current paint was Duplicolor Metal Cast. It consists of a base coat silver and a red tint second coat. the parts I need coated are close to the size of Big Block Chevy valve covers..

    Anyway I am thinking the Candy Red will be close, but would I only use that? or is there a base needed..

    Here is a picture of the currently painted parts:

    EDIT. oh yeah how much will I need qty wise?

    I will more then likely have someone do the coating for me as they have all the proper equipment.. just trying to research it

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    Re: Matching a color

    oh sorry 2 parts..

    Also yes the painted stuff is a metallic base coat and then a red tint

    I am guessing the Candy Red is a Tint but what base to use?

    if it is close that is fine, as I will probably do the rest (shown in above picture) at a later date..


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      Re: Matching a color

      let me know if this works

      the curved runners on the left side were sanded smooth with 600 grit before painting.. the finish is smooth on those

      in this picture is one of the two parts I want done.. they are the gray 'Cam Covers" with the CORVETTE script


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        Re: Matching a color

        Thank you very much.. now I have something to go by when talking with the coater..

        I am pretty sure he uses the products here, but will find out

        so if 1 lb of each total then 1.5 or 2 should be plenty I am guessing