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    Hey! I have a friend who has a old cast iron wheat grinder hand powerd of course that would like to have me powder coat it. My question is the inside of the hopper on the grinder where you put the wheat, will powder give off anything that will cause a problem? He will be using the grinder daily. His Ol-Lady makes the best bread so I need to make this right.


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    Re: Food equipment

    here is 1 ... ts_id=1829

    there was a post a while back asking the same thing but king must have answered it in a message. NSF approved is what I have seen it called before.


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      Re: Food equipment

      PBTP sells a FDA approved powder that is good for direct food contact, but its only one color, grey, that I am aware of ... ts_id=1829 is exactly correct Nolatodd

      If they wanted the rest of the grinder to be another color, I dont think it would be a problem to mask and shoot whatever you want, as long as the above powder is used for direct contact areas with the food.


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        Re: Food equipment

        We also stock and FDA approved Black, I will have this product on the web today. if there are any other colors that you are interested in please let us know.



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          Re: Food equipment

          I made a simular request recently. I will be spraying a water valve interior. The powder must meet the requirements of National Safety Foundation standard 51 for food equipment materials.
          The responce from King is that PBTP has 3 powders that meet this standard.
          Epoxy Black 90% gloss
          Epoxy Tan 80 % gloss
          Epoxy White 90% gloss
          Hope this helps