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  • Low Temp Powders

    I checked a little bit, but in an effort to save some time I thought I'd ask here first. I have a couple of cast aluminum mic shells to do and I was wondering if there is such a powder for low temp curing? These things are cast aluminum and I'm affraid that they will deform in shape at 400 degrees............they have a wall thickness of less than an 1/8 inch......



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    Re: Low Temp Powders

    most of the powders will cure at 350 i think, though i'm not sure if that is low enough for you. theking can get you a low temp cure time for whatever powder you have but I don't know how low you want to go. Could you maybe fit it over something that would keep its shape? what if you filled it with plaster of paris? that would hold it for a single bake pretty well.


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      Re: Low Temp Powders

      The SD Poppy, Fire Engine Red, Cubic Blue and Yellow Chrome will cure at 320F.


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        Re: Low Temp Powders

        I did a search on low temp and low cure powder and there was no hits. how do I find them?