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HF IR Thermometer on sale $29.99

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  • HF IR Thermometer on sale $29.99

    i bought one of these, and i believe it's very accurate. and you can get a 2 year no questions asked warranty for $10 extra.

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    Re: HF IR Thermometer on sale $29.99

    That thing is a POS. I bought it and found it to be off +/- 15 degrees compared to a 300 dollar Fluke model we use at work. I'll trust the fluke over the HF unit.

    Sold it to someone for twenty and got a slightly used Mini Fluke on ebay for 55 shipped.

    The mini fluke is only off +/-2 -3 degrees


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      Re: HF IR Thermometer on sale $29.99

      I started out w/the HF one but since have upgraded to a Mini Fluke.. They both show differnet temps when i was comparing the 2.. Dont know what was is correct I just assume the Fluke is