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Coating Aluminum Reservoirs

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  • Coating Aluminum Reservoirs

    Need some technique help here. I need to coat a pair of CNC brake reservoirs that are pretty close together (pic below). The spacing between the two units is about 3/8" of an inch and they are TIG'd to the bracket so there is no separating them. I will strip the lids/gaskets/etc. So, how would you go about getting the powder between the two units. Since this is holding brake fluid, I will be using SD Black, if that makes a difference.

    Stock picture:

    Picture of the actual unit (fittings will be removed):



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    Re: Coating Aluminum Reservoirs

    Shouldn't be too bad just shoot the hard part first and then the rest of the part. If you get too much on the sides of the parts trying to get it in the middle then just blow off the sides or wipe them off and finish shooting them. Remember you can always blow the part off and start over. Make sure to check it with a LED flashlight for coverage before you cure.

    Heck you could even tape off 3 sides between the 2 and flock the heck out of the middle then remove the tape and coat the rest.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Coating Aluminum Reservoirs

      how about if you put one end in a vise and bend that sucker open some...that would make it a ton easier