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  • posting pictures

    How do I post pictures on the forum? I looked under the FAQ list but didn't see anything there. When it comes to computers I am not the bri ghtest canle on the block.

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    Re: posting pictures

    well the way I do it is like this.
    I use an external host. I like this site because it will resize the picture's for you to message board size.

    So you hit the browse button and hit the picture on your computer you want to post.

    Take the direct link URL and copy it then here on the message hit the IMG button and between the [img]link%20here[/img] put that URL you copied.


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      Re: posting pictures

      if you know how to resize your images make them around 400-600 pixels wide and you can just attach them to your post. right below the box where you put the msg in there is a browse and add the file buttons, just save the file somewhere, browse for it and add it and it will put it into your post. it adds them to the top if you add several pictures so do the 1 you want last first