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  • Jason Is One Super Guy

    He jumped in his Lear Jet and came all the way to NC and helped pull my head out of my "A"

    Chain Guard OK now

    Think I got the Non bonded powder down? Spray little then brush and spray little more and then brush Its Never Ending But dag it works Now remind me next year when I call you about what you told me last year will you

    Somebody please send me money so I can buy King gun and then he told me I have to learn all over again how to shoot the powder Hell I have to call him to get me back on track He said the King gun had a little blower type thingy that blew the powder off the rod??? Gee I didn't know Matt had that many working for him

    I can't help it if my best friend wanted and had to gooooooo at 4:00 this morning Whats a guy to do when he is morning and groaning and making weird noises I guess take him out and put on the coffee

    Great Guy you are Jason for all the help.

    Thanks Jason

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    Re: Jason Is One Super Guy

    i second that,Jason is a awesome guy.


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      Re: Jason Is One Super Guy

      You guys are very welcome!!!!


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        Re: Jason Is One Super Guy

        I've bugged Jason more than once with questions... he's always more than happy to help out. Cool dude without a doubt!