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  • harley black color match

    i would like to match the black color on a harley. i have to do something that matches the oil tank color and frame color. they look different to me. also the customer wants a black engine primary cover done in black but is afraid of scathes from his boots! i'm thinking super durable or a clear coat. got to love the h.d. crowd

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    Re: harley black color match

    We use 3 products for HD....
    Super Durable Wet Black ... ts_id=1621
    Black Matte Tuscan ... cts_id=308.
    The S & S Black Wrinkle ... cts_id=816
    If we ever get a request for any other colour i will probably faint


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      Re: harley black color match

      Harley dad, it is a 2006 softail standard that the guy wants the primary, valve covers, lifter blocks, trans cover, and cam cover in what he says "the glossiest black". he is concerned that the primary cover might get scratched if his boot hits it. i'm thinking wet black with a sd gloss coat over it.


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        Re: harley black color match

        just had another bright idea. if the cover is already powder coated in that gray looking color that the standards have can i shoot over that instead of strippi ng it?


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          Re: harley black color match

          You should be able to scuff the original powder and shoot over it just fine. Instead of going with wet black and SD Clear, why not just use the SD Wet Black? Best of both worlds, one step, durable, and very nice gloss.

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            Re: harley black color match

            ok it's sd wet black (hope i have enough). yes harleydad it has foward controls but he's an anal retentive pain in my a**, but he's a good friend would you guys recamend sd powders for all motorcycle parts i do?